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WS Consultancy

We provide assistance to companies/candidates who want to apply for Work Permit, Residence and Visa with ID Malta as well as management of the portal required, immigrate, study, work, cohabitation, invest in IGaming or start a new company in Europe!

JL Properties Ltd.

We specialise in the provision of quality accommodation to students in Malta! Our team manages everything from the processing of bills, cleaning expenses, and maintenance to the quick and timely handling of any possible unforeseen issues students may encounter during their stay. To reduce costs for our students, all our apartments are fitted with best in class energy-saving appliances; we have also invested heavily in coin-operated meters to ensure there is no unnecessary wastage of electricity. You can contact us 24h/24 and 7d/7 via WhatsApp on this number: +356 9999 9472

Nomad Visa Malta

Malta Nomad Residency
The Sunny Home Of Expats & Nomads 🌞
Nomad Visa Malta helps digital nomads and expats obtain an EU residency in Malta by getting them the right documents, administration, logistics and accomodation without breaking the bank or wasting endless hours researching.